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Sport Saddle Bag

A lot of people enjoy riding motorcycles. One of the things that has always bothered me about motorcycles is the fact that there is little storage space. So if I were to go shopping, how do I get the things, where would I put my purchases? Well I can get cortech sport saddlebags. With saddlebags I can store the things I buy and if I want to take things along for a short trip I can pack them in the saddle bags. I have seen people strap boxes behind them. This is unsightly and to me it is dangerous. What if that load shifts and becomes unbalanced. Saddlebags are a much better idea.
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UTI infection again

I did not have enough sleep last night, actually I slept like 4 am already because my youngest daughter was sick and the worst is our thermometer is broken so I need to wake up to monitor her. Her fever was too high also and she does not have cough or colds, I was worried of dengue. Good thing, when I sent her to her pediatrician her platelet was normal but she got a UTI. Now she is under medication for her UTI, she is anemic as well, after her medication we need to let her take an iron vitamins
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