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These were the parties I attended yesterday and today. On Friday, it was the 60th birthday of my friend’s mom and they invited us over to their house. We have to travel way to Mandug, a bit far from where I live, and my first time to see the place it was totally awesome. It was like we traveled in a different city, while in fact it still belong to our city. 
Us, getting start
And while the elders were busy outside, the kids were busy playing in their friend’s bedroom
And today, was the birthday of our coach. Right after the training, we immediately went there-to-there house. This time, their house is a bit near where I live. After we attended the party and after we ate our lunch and dinner there, I headed to the mall to shop some for the house. You see, how different it was from the party we attended yesterday because today, I was still able to shop. 

Me and the kids

And my friends from the club!

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