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Flat Tire

Early this morning when I put the garbage out in the house, I noticed that the tire of my car is flat as in super, I could not just drive it to the shop. Good thing that the owner of the shop is always available and right after I called him on the phone, he went here right away to replace the tire and install the spare tire I had at the back of my car. So today, I will have to go to the vulcanizing shop for that flat tire. I am actually trying to write this post fast, sigh! Later, I have to send Mj to her training and yet my Internet connection is slow!

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Sterling Jewelry For Their Bday

January and February are special months for my family. You might ask me why that is? Well  my eldest daughter has her birthday in January and my youngest daughter’s birthday is the same day as my fathers in February. So now I have to think of what I would like to get them. I know the youngest would want a story book or toys and the eldest would like a game, but what if I were to get them matching pieces of sterling silver jewelry? Would that be a good idea? I could choose matching earrings or a necklace with a sterling silver heart. I could have each of their names engraved on and maybe something like “From mom with all my love.” Do you think they will like it?

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