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Woke Up Early This Morning

Even though I am tired and was not able to get enough sleep from the party last night, I still woke up early this morning because Mj have to go to the pool for the training, their competition will be on Saturday and Sunday at Marbel so she needs to have to train today since she was not able to do that last Thursday because she needs to review her notes for her exam. Oh, before I would end this post, I’d like to greet our friend Josiah and Joseph a Happy Birthday another food blast later. Yahoooo!
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A Success Birthday Party

Everything went well for the party of my daughter Mj, everyone is having a blast. The rain pours since this morning, it sometimes stop but later it would rain again so I have to rent a tent for last minute good thing they are available and was able to deliver the tent just before the guests are coming. 
Now, my sister Merlyn and I are busy fixing and cleaning all the stuff. It was a success birthday party!
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Too Busy Today

Yup I was too busy today I thought I could finish the grocery shopping this morning but even though my sister helped me with it, we still did not able to finish it before the clock strikes 12. The worst was the car broke good thing we already near at the shop so the owner was able to rescue us immediately. I am not sure anymore what to do with my car but surely I will dispose it soon!
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Flat Tire

Early this morning when I put the garbage out in the house, I noticed that the tire of my car is flat as in super, I could not just drive it to the shop. Good thing that the owner of the shop is always available and right after I called him on the phone, he went here right away to replace the tire and install the spare tire I had at the back of my car. So today, I will have to go to the vulcanizing shop for that flat tire. I am actually trying to write this post fast, sigh! Later, I have to send Mj to her training and yet my Internet connection is slow!

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