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School Was Home

School was home for me when I started in college, even though the things I’ve been through was hard, I always see to it that I passed my subjects. Because I believe that finishing college is my only treasure that no one could ever take from me. I get envy with other students because they don’t have to work hard just to pay their tuition and for their allowance at school, I always thought that maybe if I have my parents with me, I don’t have to work, I don’t have to go to my teacher to wash her clothes so I can have a fare to go to school. I always wish that we had enough money for me to be able to study yet that remain a wish because I have to work hard, I have to shed a tear and I have to do my best for me to survive. I never lose hope because if I did I could never get to go to my home everyday, the home that I always share my dreams everyday, and the home where my dreams started to shine.

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No Interest, Just Straight Monthly

The friend of my sister offered me a lot in South Pacific, it is an exclusive subdivision nearby. If only I had enough funds I would go with the offer, it is only P26, 366.66 per month for three years, no interest and no down payment whatsoever just straight monthly. When I was looking at the map, an idea came up I asked her if I could be an agent and she said I just have to attend a seminar that would be held on that day. I told her I would text her if I will be on my way but I fell asleep and the training was already started when she called me, I was so silly but I guess it was not meant to be. Maybe for now, I have to be a mom for my two kids yet before I could work again, I hope another offer would come my way when I am ready.

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Happiness # 4: Driving

Happiness is driving. I just learned how to drive last year and I tell you my first month was a disaster; I even bump a Jeepney just for me to learn how to drive properly. LOL I mean I am not telling you all that to learn how to drive is to hit something, but I am telling you that if it’s your first time to drive you should have an escort on the first week after you enroll yourself in a driving school, because 10 hours or 2 hours a day or 5 days are not enough, you need more than that. So after I had that incident I hired another person who knows how to drive just to escort me wherever I go in one week then after that I gained confidence in driving alone.

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I Think It Will Never Survive

This was the lucky plant that I bought on December of last year, I am trying to save it from dying but I have done everything yet it continues to die. Would it survive or not? To be continued…