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I am such a bad person, I know that my husband has been trying so hard for us to be together but I just ignore it. Oh God, please help us to reach our dreams, all we want is for us to be together but it seems like that dream is unreachable and I am here pushing my husband off, making him feel like he have not done his best. I want to get rid that thought of he can’t make it to get here but I can’t help every time he would tell me he would go here, there are always things that would happen that make him not to pursue the trip. I hope the next flight will be real   because I am getting tired of counting the days and when the day would come, he either cancelled  it or anything. This morning, I am brushing him off when I think he can’t make it again for Faith’s birthday, I told him to sleep and I know he felt that I got pissed again. Sigh!
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