Got The Car Today

Finally, the car is now fixed, I supposed to pick it up yesterday but they checked yet the carburetor and so as they need to road test it so I decided to just get it this morning. Actually, the owner of the shop send the car to our house and I just paid him, the remaining balance here. And right away I have road test it myself, I send Faith to her school then I went to Mintal for fuel, the owner of the shop have fuel the car for about 4 liters but when I check the gauge, it is almost empty. I added about P300.00, which is about 5 liters, but I noticed that the gauge didn’t even move. So I asked them of the gauge when I went back, they told me to just observe it if I would fuel like P1, 000 pesos, which is about 17 liters. I went to a car wash station and then after they foam wash the car, I was so happy to know that the gauge was moving to the half tank level. I went back to Mj’s school, and then went to the Woodridge, it is now slowly moving upright. It went down but not too much unlike before. I hope this is it; I hope the car is now fixed because right now, I can’t afford to buy another car even I have to sell this. 
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