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Bonus And 13th Month Pay In December

It is finally December! Phew, it seems like it is only yesterday that we celebrated our Christmas now we are approaching another Christmas feast. My Christmas decorations are not complete yet I want to buy that Santa Claus climbing in a rope, I just don’t have the budget yet. It is December 1 and I am sure we will be having a busy street again. Everyone will be rushing through the mall for shopping, of course this month; all workers will receive their bonuses and 13th month pay. Geez I could still remember every time I would receive my 13th month pay or bonus, I would always spend it to Mj or buy something that I could use every day for souvenir. You know, it is always a good feeling when you spend your extra money for something worthy. The feeling of being proud of something that you accomplished out of working so hard is a moment that you truly deserve. Now since I don’t work at all in a big company, my husband would always be the one to give me extra money so I can buy some gifts for the kids. But of course, even though how expensive those gifts are, how many gifts are we going to receive from him, his presence would be the best gift ever!

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