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The Whole City Was Offline!

I woke up so early this morning because my college student would go to school early, I cooked our breakfast, woke up Mj and then I open the computer so I could chat with my husband. But as I was about to email back to one of the DA’s, all a sudden my Internet just stop working. I called the customer service but my land line does not have any dial tone. And so I conclude my DSL has a problem and not because I forgot to pay my bills, which is supposed not to be the deadline yet.

Anyway, I purchased credits to my USB, crossing my finger that the USB would work but to no avail. I was just wasting my P200.00 so I purchased again some credits on my phone to send a message to my husband that I could not connect to my Internet and my telephone are not working either. I thought I was the only one who has a problem but later did I know that the whole city was offline! Good thing I did not went out early; otherwise I will get disappointed again.

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