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Loft Type House

Just recently, my friends and I went house tripping in one of the subdivisions here in our place. They met me near Faith’s school and together with the agents, we off to go at Deca Homes. I haven’t been there before, I mean yeah it is near where we reside now but the place is a bit far. You have to go inside of another road just to reach the place, you will pass by a small river or lake and you also have to climb on hilly road. You can see many trees around while you are on travel. If you love nature, this is definitely for you. Especially when you are already inside the village. In front of where they put their model house is the view of the wake boarding. Yes, they have a wake boarding and they are the only one that has a wake boarding in the whole city. Some tourists would always go here to enjoy the wake boarding. I can see two or three people who does the wake boarding while we are there.

You would asked what if it the rains pour so hard, does the water overflow? Based from the agent, the answer is no, they said it is a man-made lake so it won’t overflow. Anyway here’s the model house that we visited.

 photo IMG_20130805_135531_zps5e807c70.jpg

I took this picture from the second floor, they called this house a loft house, it is a 2 storey house, they have two bedrooms in the 2nd floor and one comfort room.

 photo cats_zps44e33396.jpg

Yes this is the whole house, it looks like only a one storey house but no, which is why they called it Loft Type House.

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