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I Hate To Dream A House That Is Buried

I hate to dream a house that is buried or drowned.

Especially when my sisters are all in my dream because I am sure misunderstanding will happen. The first time I have a house buried was I guess years and years ago already. After like a week or two, I and my sister had a big fight that it came to a point, they have to move out from the house. I tried to ignore it because I really didn’t like it and it happens again, the dream was a house drowned or something, a week after my older sister and I got a big fight that I decided to just move out from that house. Then I decided to loan a house with my name on it. I tagged my sister and her family so we can live in that house together, I dreamed again, I tried to stay cool and calm whenever we have an argument but it was still the same, it leads to a big fight. I didn’t like the idea of living together anymore so I decided to rent a house nearby. So far I didn’t dream anymore of a house that drown or buried maybe it is really the best for us to live separately because we will never understand each other when we are living together. And I hope I will not be dreaming anymore of the same kind, I don’t want this family to be living separately.

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