For Our Welders Out There

When you get ultrasonic welders from Heatstaking, you might be interested in them because they do not use an open flame. Instead, they use ultrasonic waves that cause the material in question – often plastic, though other materials can be used as well – to vibrate very quickly. When this is happening to two pieces of material that are touching each other, they bond together.

Since there is no flame, you may have the idea that you do not need to wear heat protection gear, as you would with a standard welder. However, this is not true at all. It is very important for you to continue wearing gloves and coveralls that can protect you from heat so that you are safe on the job site.

It all becomes clear when you think about the physical properties of the material that you are working with. Any material that is caused to vibrate at such a high speed is going to get incredibly hot from the motion and the friction. The torch itself will not be hot, but you still need to grab that material and move it around, manipulating it into the shape that you want or moving it to another location. If you do this without any gloves, you can really burn your hands and cause injuries that almost look like they were inflicted by a traditional welder. Be sure that you have all of the right safety equipment on before you start any job with an ultrasonic welder.

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11 Responses to “For Our Welders Out There”

  1. My late BIL used to do welding jobs at his car garage.

  2. betchai says:

    these sound foreign to me, but then, i don’t know anything about welding 🙁

  3. Rcel says:

    I don’t know anything about welding, too. But I have an Uncle whose business is automechanic and all his sons are knowledgeable with the welding so I guess this will be a relevant post to them. 🙂

  4. mhie@smarlk says:

    I don’t have any idea in terms of men’s projects. I depend all to husband as he is well rounded person.

  5. papaleng says:

    All my brothers are good and expert welders, but me, I really hate doing one. This ultrasonic welding stuff is something new to me. Ma-research nga ito.

  6. jane says:

    this is very new to me. i am glad they can provide things like this. it is more safer service for both costumers,owners and clients

  7. Mari Bella says:

    Welding protectors should be worn for heat secretly take its effect. My nephew who is a welder got facial burns for he removed the mask while doing his work.

  8. My brother-in-law knows welding job. I’ll tell him about ultrasonic.

  9. lencilicious says:

    With all the new technologies introduced here and there, I will not be surprised how this machine works. It assume it is better than the open flame welding machine.

  10. Nova S says:

    Honestly, I am clueless when it comes to handyman equipment, however this would be a great information for my husband. I will share it with him.

  11. Tingting R. says:

    Welders must know that importance of safety. If neglected, it can be tragic.

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