Where To Put Yaya?

Ever since when we rented this place, I didn’t hire any yaya for my daughters, my sister can come and go in our house to help us here when Mj was still busy with her extra-curricular activities but of course with couples who are both working, they must need Yaya to look after their kids. But what if you are living in a condominium with your family, condominium doesn’t have space for nanny right? I mean even before, when you look for a house, they don’t include or put any yaya’s room. But I guess they have learned their lesson so mostly the developer will always have the yaya’s space, which usually it happens only for houses and not condominiums.

Sending Yaya’s to a boarding house will no work, especially when she has to commute, she would always be late coming to your unit because of traffic. So even though you don’t have nanny in the moment because you don’t have a baby yet, it is really advantage if you look for a unit that has spare for yaya’s bedroom or a bedroom ready for Yaya’s, otherwise you will end up of doing some carpentry that is if you have a spare in your unit. You must have the room for her to build a capsule style bed space, enough for her belongings and a space to sleep in. Mostly the carpentry will happen in the pantry, I am sure it can widened enough for the yaya’s bedroom, it is better solution than sending her back and forth to her house, or putting up a tent in the balcony or worst beside the pool.

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8 Responses to “Where To Put Yaya?”

  1. I cannot afford to pay for a Yaya, so i am really a hands on Mom to my little one, although i worked and study at the same time. I just call the help of my MOm to look after my kid while am away.

  2. The best idea for letting this area for yaya, at least you’re advanced in everything you do. Nice idea!

  3. My kids never try having a nanny 🙂 I even feel awkward if we live our kids to my in-law’s which seldom happen even for few hours. It is hard to trust your kids to somebody if you do not know the person personally 🙂

  4. Over here yaya is not common, most caucasians put their children to day care if they need to go to work. Thanks God, I don;’t to because I was their Nanny r should I say still is lol.

  5. Nova S says:

    That is one frustrating way if there isn’t enough room for another person in the family, and not comfortable enough if you let them sleep in the salas…however as long as it is compromise i’m sure that it will work out.

  6. Tingting R. says:

    Paying for a daycare is very much expensive.

  7. papaleng says:

    Having a yaya is a sensitive thing to accomplish. But having a yaya’s quarter is a good thing to do.

  8. Marie says:

    My mom never hire a Yaya for any of us. She’s just worried that about what she sees in the news. She can’t trust anybody, she said.. especially for the safety of her children. But this a great idea.

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