Condominium In The City

My sister invited me for the Open House in one of the condominium here in Davao, it was fun aside from the foods they offered to the viewers they also have a free viewing for the available rooms in that condominium of course we did not slipped the chance to take some pictures away. If you are interested to know where is this condominium located or what is the name of the condominium you are free to message me.

 photo 20131026_184154_zpsefe55666.jpg

I obviously grabbed the opportunity to at least sit on their couch.

 photo 20131026_184220_zpsf4b85abc.jpg

My daughter and I in front of their huge mirror in the wall

 photo 20131026_184235_zpsf3a6129f.jpg

Their dining area, I guess this unit is intended for bachelors only as the space is just so tight

 photo 20131026_185148_zps731e1d6e.jpg

Their 25 meters pool

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