Thousand Of People Loses Their Homes During The Typhoon

While I am still looking for a house, many of our kababayan as well lose their homes with the recent typhoon that hits in the Philippines specifically in Tacloban, Samar Leyte and the neighboring provinces. The worst is some loses their loved ones as well, I mean I know it is hard to lose a home but it saddened me big time that there are more survivors who also lose their family. I cried out loud when I saw the news in TV and I was disappointed with the not so fast  with our  government responding  to all the victims however we don’t know why or we are not even there to see the real situation so I guess bashing could not be a big help after all, I don’t take sides maybe it is just hard to respond the victims at the same time. I heard there are places or town that is not accessible at all. Some suggested for airdrops and all of that stuff and I am sure our government also thought of this one but maybe they are still thinking of a more systematic way so no one will get hurt during the distribution of the relief goods. I understand also of the feelings of other people especially to those people who are not here, questioning and criticizing our Government  but our President is also  human that is not perfect at all. He would commit mistake but I guess it is not right also to blame him or criticize him or push him like he is not doing anything, I mean with all the responsibility that he shoulders since the day one of the devastation, do you think it is easy to handle things like this? Again I don’t take side, I hear those people who are shouting out even cursing our local government but this is not the time to bash or rant maybe the best thing to do is to pray, to help, to donate or whatsoever. Share our blessings even just a little amount of money even a peso can help to those survivors who lose their homes, their families and even still struggling until now.

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