Creative Way To Make A Hanging Shelf

If only I have the time, I will try to gather myself so I can create something better to our room. I just read this very creative Leather Belt Hanging Shelf in Condo Living Magazine and it glimpses me of something to create in our bedroom. I will really try that one, as it is very inviting. You might want to try this too.

You just need a hammer, of the same length and width, pencil, scrap wood plank, sturdy nails, ruler.

First thing you will do is mark 2 inches from the ends of each side of the wood plank. Draw a line that connects the marks with your pencil.

Second is placed the wood plank inside the belt. Adjust the belt equally to the other belt, you might want to have it short or long, it’s up to you.

After you adjust the plank inside the loop belt, turn it over for the underside faces up. Make it sure that the belts are placed inside of each of the two inch marks.

Nail the underside; hammer 4 or 5 nails equally spaced.  Nail front and back sides

Then viola you can create a nice hanging shelf, you can put your caps there or light weigh indoor plants or you can also make it an altar.

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