How I Wish And Pray That We Can Transfer A House This Month

Recently, I usually browsed for some houses that are for sale or assume within the city. I already saw this house before through an Ad in the internet. Since it is just two blocks away from where we live, I set an appointment to the owner to view the house, few weeks later when my husband was here we also view it together. But for assume price, I thought it was too much so we opt to view another houses in another village but really that house was more I got interested for however we need to also look at the price.

Just a month ago, I browsed again the house and the owner lower down the assume price. I contacted my husband right away and he was convinced to get the house. I made an arrangement with the owner and since our money is not yet available, I asked him if I could make a reservation and he agreed, thank GOD. So yesterday, I went to the bank to send the reservation payment that will be deducted to the 70% down payment. How I wish my husband can figure out tomorrow how to send the money to me for the house. Although the owner assured me that the house will be ours since he will not post an Ad over the Internet anymore, I still want to pay the 70% percent this week or probably next week so he can give me the key and we will start cleaning the house. I am so excited to transfer there this month if we can already secure the payment. How I wish and pray that my husband could send the money in no time.

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