My Table Cloth Get Smelly And Wet

I really hate it when our table cloth get wet with spilled water or spilled soup because it would really get wet and worst it would be smelly. But I can’t take it away from there because it is matches our Christmas curtain, it is only for this season though so when the season is over I guess I have to put back the plastic one or maybe buy another new one. And if I would purchase another one, I’ll make sure this time it is something to resist the spilled water. I am thinking to buy like of those catering business, their table cloth could resist the water. I mean it is really something of liquid repellant tablecloths, oh well they need that for their business. Their tablecloths are prone for spilled foods when they served for catering, I mean guests does not care at all if they spilled their foods to the table and of course those who cater doesn’t like for their tables to get messed up by those spilled foods, as long as they can they should provide cleanliness and neatness for the guests. On the other hand, I must wash the table cloth again on weekend; I can only hope that the color will not get fade easily.

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