The Right Plumbing In Your Home

Your home’s drain covers may be more important than you suspect, especially if you have an older home. Traditionally, drain covers were used to keep debris out of drainage systems to prevent clogs. In both modern and historic homes, covering the drains is important if you want to avoid losing objects, as well. Rings and other jewelry, for example, can easily slip into an uncovered drain and be lost permanently. The type of drain cover that you choose when replacing, repairing or remodeling your home is important to consider.

Drain covers with smaller openings are ideal for sinks and showers because they prevent more objects and debris from entering your home’s plumbing. Larger, open drain covers are best for the outdoors, such as the sink in the garage, to promote good drainage when washing dirty outdoor items like gardening tools. You may be concerned about replacing drain covers when you have older sinks or tubs that you want to keep because older sized drain covers are harder to find in stores.

Opting for customized drain covers is the ideal solution to solving this problem. Opt for a drain cover that fits the exact size of your sink or bath to prevent clogs and lost items by measuring the inside of the drain before ordering your replacement. You can shop drains that are made from recycled materials and that are customized to fit your specific sink or bath to improve the look and function of the plumbing in your home.

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