Adrenalin Rush With The Moving

I really have to say thank you for the owner of this house, I didn’t expect that he would be the one to offer me that we can move in anytime we want even we did not complete the payment yet. I guess I already have mentioned here that we already move out from the old house and last 28th we moved in here. But moving in was not that easy, my sister suggested that we must paint the new house so it will look new, she even told me that she would help us paint so on 26th last month, I bought some paints for the house. But we arrived home already at 4:00 p.m. and I need to go back in the shop to get my car as I noticed it has leaking. My sister started the painting already but it gets dark easily and we don’t have the electricity that time yet. I just paid it that day so we call it a night. The next day we went back to paint again but my sister said she needs to work on her printing. So I, my niece and daughter were the one who were left to do the painting job and mind you, we started in the morning yet we finished it at 12 midnight. I was so tired; all of us hit the bed right away. The following day we need to wake up early for the big moved in day. I don’t how I was able to survive with all the tiredness I felt that day; it was like an adrenalin rush, driving back and forth just to move all the things. Good thing I was able to contact my friend who is the owner of the repair shop to help us with moving in using his mini cab. They were the one who carry the heavy stuffs.

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