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The Old House Was Repainted

So you see the house that we rented for almost 3 years is just in the back of this house. Thus, we can check every now and then to the house. Sometimes my eldest daughter would pass by there to check and we found out that the owner of the house change the ceiling outside, they also repainted the whole interior, the gate and the exterior. They already put “A House for Rent” tag but I was surprised with how much they priced the house, it is already P6, 000.00 while it was only P4, 000.00 before. Maybe because we miss the house that even my sister is checking on it from time to time, she found out today that they decreased it from P6, 000.00 it is now only P5, 000.00. If any of you are interested to rent the house, you can message me here. The house has 3 bedrooms; it is already gated and newly painted.

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