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For Safety And Security

I had been thinking this for a while, in fact on the day we move in that we have to replace the locks in the door but the budget is not right and our door now got hole due to dust mites. I thought to buy a set, which it has handle and dead lock but when I look at it in Ace, it is just so expensive. And as what I mentioned above, our door needs to be replace. So since I just need a temporary door knob I just bought this one:

 photo HPIM2285_zpsf3715772.jpg

And since the lock here was little I bought a door lock with chain. Actually this is what I bought from the old rented home and so far I like the safety and security it brought to us.

 photo HPIM2282_zps51e05a53.jpg

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They Were Just Right

You may all know that my eldest daughter loves playing guitar. I can still remember she would really stop everything she does if she sees someone who is playing guitar. She has been bugging me to enroll her for guitar lesson. Last summer, she said that was one of her summer ever because she was able to learn how to play guitar, even I was not there to send her to music studio, she really tried hard to go there to meet her instructor. After my work that’s the time I can meet her somewhere in the mall. She also have recital after that, I could have bought her an affordable snark guitar tuner at musicians friend, but her instructor said no, the owner let her borrowed their new guitar, it sounded so good I was not sure though if they had a tuner for the guitar but the bass and stuffs were just right. Now when she have a chance to play her guitar I can hear her anywhere in the house. Sometimes I could see her in the yard just jamming with her new guitar that we just bought for her last Christmas as a gift.

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