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Rid Your House Of Pests

For flies, the best thing to do is repel flies with mint, eucalyptus, bay leaves and cloves. You can also create your own anti-fly sachets, wrap it in small pieces of cheesecloth and hang the sachets by windows or doors. Putting basil or clover near food can keep flies away as well. Prevention is necessary to get rid pests, continue the cure even you don’t see any pests at all. Cleanliness and hygiene is the key to get rid of them. It maybe hassles or not easy at all but it is better than having unwanted guests sharing in your house right? You should remember that they are the main cause of severe illness at home so you really should get rid of them especially when you have kids at home.

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Whenever We Go Out In The Water

We are water lovers.  My girls and I love nothing better than to spend the day in or on the water.  My husband does not really share our enthusiasm, since he much prefers mountains and hiking to water fun.  Well that does not stop us and whenever we go, he will come with us.  One of his biggest concerns is water safety and he insists that we wear marine life jackets if we ride any boat, even if it is a ferry.

My home country has had many tragedies due ferryboats sinking or running into things. Not having enough life jackets is a concern.  He wants us to take our one life jacket or floatation devices with us whenever we go out on the water.

He is also concerned when we go to the beach or a pool.  He would prefer we got a pool that has trained life guards or at least somebody trained in CPR.  My husband knows CPR basics but has never had to use it (except on a practice dummy).  Whatever we do on the water, he wants us to be safe.  He does not want to worry when we go to the beach, like today when my friend invited us for a day out.

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