Piggy Bank For My Family

As a mother of two and who has the responsible for budgeting and stuff, I need to save. The orange piggy bank has been in the corner for quite a while now, Mj ignored putting some penny because some of it has been taken, and her inspiration for dropping some penny has gone lost. Recently, as I got many coins, I realized why not making our piggy bank alive again. So I started to drop some coins, I have hid it so no one would notice the coins are getting plenty. Right now, I am obliging myself to drop 5 pesos a day, but lately Mj asked about her piggy bank because she wants to save. Oh well it is too late because I am trying to fill that up, I just told her we will buy another one for her.

What are my plans if the piggy bank is full? Oh well, I hope it is already full on December so to buy gifts for them, I wonder how much would it be when the time comes to break it. I have never filled in an empty piggy bank before, so I wonder how much would it be? I am worried though because dropping coins in piggy bank could always be used in Emergency. I hope it is not true because I am really willing to fill it in.

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