To Create Calmness

So you are preoccupied, and it seems like you don’t know where to begin. And when you look around in your house, everything is just scattered on the floor, in the couch even in your bedroom there are clutters around, storages are not in order, documents, and magazines were just stack everywhere. How can you rest and calm your mind when you cannot even begin it at home. Here are some tips that might help you to create calm:

1. Eliminate Clutter

2. Connect with the outdoors

3. Create an area to relax in

4. Solve your storage issues

5. Separate the areas by function

6. Let in the light

7. Use color to calm and unwind

8. Ensure the perfect night’s sleep

9. Use scent to soothe

10. Cut out the noise

Source: Good Housekeeping February 2014 issue

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