5 Fabric Types To Make Your Living Room Pop

Whether you’re reupholstering your couch or hand-sewing a new set of drapes, you’re going to need plenty of fabric. But which patterns and styles are best for your intended designs? Here are five ideas to breathe new life to your home.

1: Geometric

Geometric fabrics use of everything from squares to spirals in order to introduce personality to an otherwise bland fabric. Don’t be afraid to take a chance with an in-your-face design. A little controlled chaos is good for the soul.

1: Naturals

Naturals are made with rich, thick fabrics and soft colors like beige, brown and white. They look great on armchairs or surrounding fireplaces, and their unobtrusive nature means they’ll never clash with future remodels.

3: Oriental

With the tranquility of the east and the processing power of the west, oriental fabrics roll out as well as any magic carpet. Think about lush Chinese dragons hanging on your living room wall or minimalist Japanese mats covering your bathroom tile.

4: Floral

For a garden without the allergies, floral designs will bring femininity and grace to every area of your home. Cover your couch in gardenias; put roses on your duvet; sneak primrose onto your apron mitts. You may not be able to smell them, but you can certainly appreciate their beauty.

5: Artisan

Bold and daring, artisan designs aren’t afraid to take risks. They use bright colors and crazy patterns to make a statement about interior design. Look for Robert Allen fabrics or Larry Laslo creations if you’re interested in catching a little of that spirit for yourself.

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