My Youngest Daughter’s Talent

Our youngest daughter loves to draw and tell stories about what she draws.  She is really quite talented for a girl only six years old.  She will draw just about anything from family member and animals to trees and geographical features.  About the only thing I have not seen her draw is a map.

Her stories are quite imaginative and often funny, but always entertaining.  She has entertained her friends and family and even adults when we go to visit or she attends a party.  She is quite the attention getter and often will say some amazing things.  Sometimes I think she is more mature than some of my adult friends and others, well she can be very exasperating.  I do my best to encourage her talent.  Her sister excels at swimming and is learning the guitar, but I believe our youngest has the potential to become a great writer and a make her mark as one of the better known children’s book illustrators.

She enjoys books, and will often bring them home from her after school study program, either reading the book to us or asking us to read it to her.  I don’t know how she comes up with her stories, her father and I both enjoying reading a good book and enjoy reading to her.

Illustrators of children’s books really must be able to capture the story held in the book and do so to hold the attention of the kids who read them.  When we read to our youngest, we of often ask her to identify things in illustrations and how they relate to the story.  I think this helps her have a better grasp of the story.  A talented illustrator can really  help the author of a children’s book reach his/her audience.  As a parent, it also helps me choose appropriate material for my child to read.

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