If Only We Didn’t Assume This House

Right now, I am somewhat blaming myself of assuming a house, I didn’t know that my husband does not have enough money for the house. I thought he had, because I was asking him before if we can afford to have a house he said it was okay so when I got the chance to deposit a certain amount to the owner so to reserve it, I grabbed it right away. I didn’t expect this to happen that our daily expenses at home will be affected, I mean I can still pay for it but most of the time I don’t have extra anymore because I always run short. Honestly I felt pity for us because until now we still not able to pay in full for the house, I am not sure if as to when would the owner will be patient about it, we were paying extra every month though, it is the interest per month. The school will soon start but I still don’t have enough budgets to buy the school supplies, shoes and school bag for Faith, I already told Mj we can’t buy her a new pair of shoes and bag, we will just attend first what’s the necessary things to be used in school like notebooks and their requirements. I also have to enroll my niece Moreen; I borrowed some money from Mariel, which is intended for her enrollment so I can enroll Moreen. Now my sister Merlyn is asking me money to enroll her son, I even told her to have her son transferred to a public school because I can’t enroll him anymore, she said she already told her son about it, but he cried because he doesn’t want to be transferred. I know it is not that much, but the problem is I don’t have that much anymore to support all of them. Sigh, if only I don’t have to support them, we have enough at home. I already told my sister to at least be resourceful because I am the one already who is supporting her daughter and yet it seems like she doesn’t understand. I just hope that some DA’s or some paid sites will give me some opportunities, so I will have enough for all of us. If only we did not assume this house, how I wish I knew that we don’t have enough, I may not be having problem right now.

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