Back To Household Mother

Yes, I am back to being a household Mother, I was hired before as a Tech Service Representative and had my training last month. But during the entire training at graveyard shift, I was always worried with my eldest daughter on her way home from training, although her cousin is with her but I can’t just avoid getting worried. I always messaged Mariel if they arrived home and asked her to message when they are home already. Plus, I got sick due to lack of sleeping, don’t get me wrong I tried my hardest but I always end with crying because I could not get enough sleep. Even though I was sick I still went to my training but after a few nights Mariel messaged me that Faith was throwing up, I didn’t know what to do, when the clock strikes 6 in the morning, I was the first one who went down to the parking area and off to home. I didn’t follow the speed limit anymore; I just need to get home that time.

Now, I am back to being a household Mother, just this morning while chatting with my husband, I was doing laundry, cooking breakfast and I just finished cleaning the house. It is tiring but because I am with my kids and I am able to send Faith to school, I would know her performance at school; I think I made the right decision to resign. I know I needed to work especially now that we are having a hard time with money, I still choose to stop not because of laziness or some other stuff. I resigned because of my kids. I am still looking for part time job home based, I was hired to being a tutor but it conflicts with my eldest daughter in swimming. I know an opportunity will come on my way; I just have to be patient and besides God will always make a way. I know HE will.

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