The Grass Cutter In Our Yard

It has been a week or so that I didn’t ask my sister to come over, I just don’t have extra to give her but the other day; I noticed that our grass in the yard is growing tall already. And I can’t cut the whole yard besides I and my niece needs to go out that afternoon. I paid my sister every time she comes here, and one of the things she needs to be done is cutting the grass, but I guess she was not able to make it the last time she was here. I saw the grass cutter in the neighbor, I asked him if how much is his labor to cut grass, he informed me of the price right away when he comes to check the yard. I was successful when I asked him to lessen the labor price. Later, he started trimming the yard, and he did a good job. It was so neat that later when my niece and daughter broom the yard, it was just so clean! I guess it was all worth it. I know we are in a tight budget but seeing a clean yard just made me feel light.

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