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Another Glass Was Broke

It was in the middle of the night when Faith woke up and said she wanted to pee and drink a glass of water. So I sent her to the bathroom, after a while she went to get a glass to get a glass of water in the water dispenser, later did I know, she drops the glass and boom it was broken into pieces. So in the middle of the night I have to swipe all the glasses and put her aside while cleaning.

Yesterday, when I tried to do the house chores, I found some broken pieces of glass. When Faith woke up, I asked her if somebody drop the glass again, I thought she would tell me, my nieces were the one who broke the glass but she was so honest that she told she was the one who drop the glass, she inform me then that I have to hand her the plastic one so she won’t break any glass again. I wanted to get mad but how can you get mad of a 6 years old girl telling the truth and suggested that she would rather use the plastic cup now than using the glass and breaks it after.

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