Save Money this Summer: Tips to Help You Reduce A/C Use

When summer comes around you don’t have much choice but to run the air conditioner for at least part of the day. However, running the air more than you really need to can leave you with astronomical electricity bills. Use these tips to help you reduce A/C use in your Pittsburgh home this summer. 

1. Hire a qualified HVAC contractor that has been working on air conditioning Pittsburg homes for years. You want a reputable company with a history of quality service to make sure your HVAC system is working properly at the beginning of each summer. If you don’t your system could be working a lot harder and costing you more money. 

2. Install a programmable thermostat and set it to 80 to 82-degrees when you’re away from home at work. Set the temperature to come back down to a more comfortable 72 or 74 about 30 minutes before you arrive home in the evening. You’ll save a considerable amount of money each month. 

3. Open windows in the evening to let cool air in. Window units that pull air from outside can also help cool your home. Just make sure you shut the windows before it gets hot in the middle part of the morning.

4. Change your A/C filter regularly. Most air conditioner air filters need to be changed about once every 30 days. Look for a high-efficiency air filter that works with your HVAC unit for the best possible results. A dirty air filter could damage your A/C and force it to work much harder to cool your home. 

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