Granite Tiles Cracked

I was picking up the dirty clothes this morning and I noticed our tiles ready to give in soon! This has been an issue to us after several months of staying here. The tiles were not properly installed, the result is the grout on the side just removed it causes the tile to get cracked. The tiles in the kitchen were already cracked and it affects the attached tiles, to the fact that it is all made of granite but I guess there are 3 tiles already that were already cracked.

I know this should be attended very soon but what can I do? We don’t have much budget this time. We are still trying to prioritize the full payment of this house and yes we are struggling. My husband has done his best to send us some money for the house but it is not just enough. The owner of the house already went here to talk to me, and he said he didn’t expect that it could be this long. I was sorry, I also didn’t expect that we will be having problem with the money. It is just so hard nowadays, I am still hoping that very soon we can send the full payment of the house. Lord, make him be patient enough to wait until we can pay the whole amount of the assume price. I know there is no impossible with you, and I know so much that you always finds a way, I believe in that oh LORD. Thank you!

Back to the floor; don’t give in any moment as we don’t have enough budgets for you yet. You have to be strong to hold, and bear our feet because it is just so heavy. Spare us but I can assure you will be fix soon.

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