Finally! A Change Of Curtain

Just tonight while I am preparing Faith for Birthday, I could not take anymore the curtain that has been hanging in our window for quite a while already. I know I only have few of curtains that are match inside our closet, the number of windows that we have is quite more than of the windows of the previous house so our match curtain was not enough. Oh well I just had an idea a while ago. I have two curtains that are match, with the same style and the same color. I put it on the two windows in the living room. I have 3 curtains not the same style but the same color; I put those three in the kitchen. So far it still look okay, it is not great but it’s okay at least our curtains that are hanging in our window is not full of dusty already. Geez I need to send the dirty curtain in the laundry shop one of these days.

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