We Were Complete At Home Last Night

It is just so rare that we are complete at home, it is exam week of both my niece and daughter so my daughter does not have training it is also a break time for me to drive her to the swimming venue. Last night was one of those nights that we are complete and we are having fun. Of course I was the one who cooked for dinner and even I didn’t put any spices or we don’t have any side dishes, they still love it. It is very fulfilling to cook when all the people at home loved it.

Being complete at home especially when you are having fun can make you forget your problems. Geez it is 3 days to go and we have to pay the owner of the house, it makes me nervous to find out we don’t have funds again to pay them. Inasmuch as I know we will overcome this very soon however we need to pay it now. How I wish the money is there already, so we will be debt-free this month.

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