The Pillow Case Turned Into Scarf

I don’t have any choice but to modify everything I can see in the house since I don’t have the budget to buy an ethnic wear for my youngest daughter. My sister let me borrowed her pillow case that has the ethnic look and you know it looks great on her.

 photo IMG_0182.jpg

When you are just patient enough to see what things to modify or reconstruct inside your house you can do it, you just have to be artistic on doing it. Like for a belt that can be used as a base for putting a divider for your shelves, I have write it here before I just could not find it. If you don’t have enough match curtains for all your windows because the house that you moved in has lots of windows compared to the old one, you can match the curtains with different colors just see to it that it is pleasing to the eye and it won’t look like jologs at all.

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