I Need A Plumber

It has been a while that our pipe was busted in the back of our house; it is connected to the pipe in our sink. I already told my husband about it but I can’t find a budget to fix it. That is why I am trying hard to earn nowadays to have it fix hopefully next month when I will receive my earning I will have to set aside some money for it. My husband is working so hard in the states for our house; I know we are getting there. We just have to hope and pray hard for it, I know we can get through this. Like you, I don’t like to owe money to anyone, as far as I can I don’t like to loan or borrow some money, we just didn’t expect the short of funds this year. If I only knew it I didn’t assume this house, I didn’t ask my husband to support for this, we may just go back to the older house in phase 1 since my sister Lilian in Singapore is willing for us to stay there, she just have to re construct the house by putting a second floor on it. Anyway, it is already too late to feel sorry, we already paid some of the amount of this house and we will just waste the money if we are taking aback.

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