The Dispenser Was Turned Off

Yes, I decided to turn the Water Dispenser off as I noticed that my bill continued rising even though we are not already using the Air Con. We are using it if its gets too hot at night or when Faith is requesting for it. One of my newest friends said and proved it that one Water Dispenser costs is equivalent to one refrigerator and the refrigerator is also powered on every day. I have to do something right here or else I can’t attend to any of my bills so we turned it off last week, we will check how’s my bill next month.

On the other hand, I turned the Water Dispenser off when Faith wanted to drink a glass of milk. I can’t wait to see the electricity bill by next month. I am also glad that one of the parents at Precious offered me a cheapest price for Purified Water, for 3 bottles I will just pay her P100.00 unlike the other water station for 4 bottles cost P200.00. We have to be wise on spending nowadays otherwise you will get buried by debt.

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