A New Top For My Center Table

I found a store that makes a glass top for the center table, the first price that the secretary gave me is only P750.00 with 1/4 thick but when one of the staffs went here at home and check the broken table in the back of our house, they found out it was 3/8 so they will have to go back to the store to inform the secretary. The secretary text me the next day and informed me for 3/8 it is P1, 100.00. I was okay with it since when I check the table in the appliance center in the mall, it is just so expensive and I don’t want also the frame of my table to be wasted. One morning they got the frame of my table to have the perfect fit and the next day they sent the whole table already, all fixed with a new top. I didn’t have money yet available that time, good thing they understand and the staff said I will just send it in the store. Here’s the new face of my table, it was not round but rectangle.

 photo IMG_0349_zps044f05d5.jpg

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