Drain Your Water Heater To Keep It Healthy

The water heater is perhaps the one appliance in the house that everyone seems to take for granted. That is until it stops working, and there’s no more hot water. To avoid unnecessarily chilly showers, it’s important to perform regular water heater maintenance. An important part of that maintenance is draining your water heater.

Why Drain? When you drain your water heater, you flush out excess debris that might otherwise clog up the pipes. That includes rust, rock
sediments, calcium build up, and other tiny particles that can accumulate over time.

How Often Should I Drain? The answer will vary depending on how often you use the hot water heater in your home. Generally, you should drain your heater once or twice per year.

To drain your water heater, refer to the directions that it came with. Your heater might also be covered with instruction and warning stickers that can guide you. Remember to follow instructions carefully, and take care, as you will be draining hot water from the heater. If you have a gas unit, you will also want to take the additional steps of cleaning the burner and ports.

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your hot water heater is essential to making it last as long as possible. Learn more about our water heater maintenance services by contacting us today.

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