One Of Our Bonding At Home

When Mj doesn’t have training, we all sometimes get to bond at home and one of the bonding we had is playing a guitar. Ooops not me, as I don’t know how to strum a guitar. The only thing I can do is just taking a picture or videotaping her. It happens one night though, she was preparing for her audition in Glee club and she asked me to videotape her, this is so rare to happen because she usually doesn’t like me to take a picture of her, or to take her a video. So I grabbed the opportunity, took my camera and do some clicks. She was so awesome trying play classical guitar guitar that she borrowed from her classmate. She still has her own guitar but since she really needed to practice, she borrowed the classical guitar from her classmate checking if she could perform so well with another type of guitar and she did! Although she got caught up, and we all laugh it’s alright, as they say practice makes it perfect so she needs to prepare more and I am sure she can do it to her audition.

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