Parking Spot In Pag Ibig

I went to Pag Ibig today to pay the monthly dues of this house; actually this is the second day that I went there because yesterday I also went there to pay the monthly dues in the house in Ph 1 for my sister. Yesterday, when I parked my car at the establishment just beside the Pag-Ibig, I have no problem at all, they just let me park there. But today, when I parked there, just few minutes I sat in Pag Ibig, the guard catch our attention of whomever parks the car should have to park in front of the Pag Ibig as there is already a spot available. I took my car but then I had a hard time parking in the spot provided for me because it was too tight. I looked around the area and I saw a spot in a building in front of Pag Ibig, they are selling viand and since I doubt if we still have foods at home, I parked my car there and bought some viand instead. I told them I will have to leave my viand as I still have to go in Pag Ibig, the store attendant said yes. The security guard smiled at me when I went inside the Pag ibig, he said he was waiting for me and guarded the spot so I can park but I told him it look so tight so I didn’t push through.

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