Sight Seeing

I can’t do anything for now but window shopping of things that I’d like to add in this house. Today I went to the mall to meet up some friends from the team. They invited me lunch, since I still have some things aside and I also want to unwind, I said yes. After I sent Faith to school, I hailed a jeepney and then off to go. After our lunch, we went out walking and I saw this store displaying some accessories for the house. I would like to take a look however I just thought not to go, I mean what would I do there, I will just hurt myself recalling of the cash I needed to save to pay the owner of the house. We are almost there, but it seems like it is so hard to reach that certain amount.

Last week, I asked my other friend if she could accompany me to inquire for cash loan in some lending company. We already set our meet up but later that morning she messaged me that she could not be with me because she was so busy taking good care of their family gathering in celebration for her brother’s success for being the PNP nurse. They also had a baby shower, her sister-in-law will deliver a baby soon, a new additional to the family, she said they will have a baby boy.

One at a time…

They told me not to take this thing seriously but how while the voice of the owner is taunting in my mind, asking me to pay them in full. IF only I know that I will be having an issue with money, I should not assume this house at all, if only… But I guess it is too late to take aback, I have to move forward and look for means and solution where to get money to pay ’em. For now, since I don’t have budget for any thing, I will just satisfy myself sight seeing to those wonderful home accessories.

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