A Quick Reference For Woods In Your House

Infographic Wood Matters

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My husband worked for a while in a place that sold wood moldings for picture frames.  He learned a bit about different types of woods, but as he said, he learned enough to know that the knowledge he did have was not enough.  He said that the best thing to do is to have a quick reference, something that is provided by various types of “infographics.”

We have talked about what we want to do when it comes to remodeling our home.  One thing we have to consider is the types and colors of wood we want to use for our moldings and window frames.  Having an infographic is a great aid to us when making our choices, we can compare colors and the woods hardness, how easy it is to work with and which type is more affordable for our pocket books.

We have a lot to do in our home to make it the way we want.  So having easy to use reference material when we talk to our contractors can give us a good idea if what we are getting is a true and honest estimate on the work we want them to do.  What wood will we choose?  My husband tends to like dark woods like Redwoods or woods like Cherry; I tend to prefer lighter colored woods like Ash, Maple or Oak.  Well maybe we will compromise and do one room with a dark would and the rest with lighter woods (after all I am the woman and I really make the decisions, ha ha).

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