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Security For Our Home

As part of our remodeling project for our home we are going to install some wrought iron fencing on top of the concrete fence already around the house, this will help provide security for our home as well as enhance its appearance and increase it’s value.  The main reason we are doing this is one day when we were arriving home a bunch of kids were jumping out of our yard.  Well, one of them was my nephew.  The kids did not do any damage or try to get in the house they just wanted a place to play, but it did point out a problem to us.  We started looking at ways to improve our homes security and its value by adding wrought iron works to our home.

Looking at gave us some really neat ideas on what we could do.  I like the appearance and durability of wrought iron and other metals.  In our climate, they are certainly easier to maintain than wood or plastics.  Also they provide added security and make it more difficult for an intruder to break in.

On the interior of the house, we are thinking of adding a second story.  The house was built taking into consideration that we may want to add a second floor in the future.  Wrought iron railings would be ideal for us on internal and if we decide to add one, and external stair case.  So looking at products by Industria Italiana Arteferro S.P.A., we have seen some good possibilities that will compliment what we want to do.

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