Two Tiles Are Fixed

Last week, Friday even though I wanted to bring Faith to school however I could not do it because I need to attend our floor tiles that taken off from the base. Two of the tiles did not just take off but the two connected went up and I am sure if I have to let it for a week, I know it will crack. There were already 4 or 5 tiles that were crack already; most of them are near the sink. I contacted our neighbor if he can fix our tiles and when he checked it he just told me to buy cement, grout and fine sand. I bought it right away on the day before he would fix our tiles.

Friday he fixed it, he came with 1 teenager and 1 guy who is I think about 50 years old. They unattached the tiles and took off the cement under it, it last for 2 hours, it is even dusty but it’s okay as long as they could fix it. Later they put the cement mixed with sand and spread it on the affected area then they put the tiles back. It took them a while to stick the tiles to the wet cement; they have to make sure that it is properly stick. So far I like their work and I can’t wait to repair of some tiles that are also took off from the original cement.

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