Big Box For Storage

This is so hard when you are in a tight budget because you can’t just buy all the things that you want especially for the house. I hate this, even though there are many big discounts in the mall nowadays I still can’t afford it. Recently, I needed this kind of box (picture below) so I can store my used bags, it is just spread in the cabinet and I tell you it is so exposed. One of these days I hope I can afford it, I needed to have a budget for it. I hope I don’t have to add some money again when my husband have to pay for the house. I am fed up already because there are things that I aimed to buy but because I need to use the money I saved to help pay for the house, I have to set it aside.

 photo IMG_0082_zpsc4db1f32.jpg

I need this kind of box a little bigger than this.

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