Malunggay Tree Reached Already In The Power Line

I just started my laundry today, yes Tuesday is my schedule for laundry and when I looked up I noticed our Malunggay Tree already reached our wire. And I know it is not good because it can cause wire problems in the future. Trees that are already touching the wires can also affect public safety so the safety does not concern also for us but to our neighbor as well.  I needed to cut it down. Of course I won’t cut it myself, it is just for a petite woman like me; perhaps I will have to contact someone to cut it down or maybe trim it. I can’t wait, and I don’t want to wait at all until there is a power outage and can be dangerous already.

I just had our grass trimmed by my contact; I called them the “Grass Cutter”. I messaged them the first week of October and I did not notice yet that the tree already reached our power line so maybe next month I will have to call them and add the tree in their job; I will just have to add some bucks from the original service price.

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