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Easy Creepy For Home Sweet Home

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Halloween is fast approaching, but when we are in a tight budget, decorating our homes can be tempted but we are holding up. It is because sometimes creepy decorations in the mall can be more expensive and we thought, we don’t use it just one occasion and hide it again in our boxes. But don’t you know that we can still put some decoration in just low low budget? Yes we can, we just need sheets of black construction paper, a pair of scissor and some tapes. If you have stairs put the rats in each of the stair case but if you don’t then on a door can do. Just cut out the silhouette of a rat and make them face different directions. Then stick them with a tape all over your staircase if you have stairs or bedroom wall or at the doors to your living room. Easy creepy very affordable yet you spruce up your home to the spookiest Halloween.

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