Spooky Pumpkins In Your Doorstep

And so we don’t have pumpkins in the Philippines or big squash that we can carve to make those scary faces for Halloween. But that doesn’t stop our imagination to have pumpkin patch to create creepy faces to put in our doorstep. I am sure when your family gets home; they will be surprised for the creepy faces you just made out of balloons. Yes I am talking about balloons; create your own pumpkin patch by inexpensive orange balloons. Blow it up and then draw creepy faces and display it on the side of your door in the living room! Surely enough your house is ready for trick or treat without touching your budget at all. All you just need are balloons, balloon sticks and a Pentel Pen to draw creepy faces. Get your kids involved and spruce up you Halloween, have fun!

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